You have asked the parents to have their child come in a decided color beforehand. If it has not been possible, fix it with colored caps. These are some simple and indoor fun games for kids that you can organize with them.

Balloons to the corner. Put lots of color balloons in the center of the room. At the sign “Ya!” And while you count to 5, each child must collect balloons of their color and deposit it in the place that corresponds to him. The team that kneaded the most balloons of the right color wins.

I see, I see. In turn, the children must answer the “I see I see some color … blue” questions.

War of balls. Make lots of balls with tissue paper of the 4 colors. Give them among the children who must reach them with a child of the color of the ball they have in their hands. When they no longer have, they collect the ground and … the attack!

I command. Divide the children into two teams and have each of them choose a captain. For five minutes, one of the groups must obey all orders of the captain of the opposing team. “Play something green and the kids will have 10 seconds to find something of that color. Give one point for each object touched within time. After that, the team that ordered happens to play and wins the most points.

What color is it? Get yourself a flashlight and colored transparent paper. Children should guess what color they will get if they superimpose blue with yellow or red with blue.

Find the treasure. Hide in the room candies wrapped in colored paper. Children must find their own color.