[Announcement] 11/1/2019

We will be remodeling and switching out play sets. Tentative construction days are in the middle of January. We would like to give you a heads up that when you will have your party, layout of our play area and play sets we currently have will be different. About 3/4 of the play area will remain open. We are excited to have a new play set and new look!! 

Update on 1/28/2020

We have changed our layout. Please see pictures below. Touch up work is ongoing, but there will be no construction work during your party. 

Kids Time’s Birthday Party Packages

Includes 2 hours of play time, a party room, paper supplies(white), table cloths, decorations, invitations, set up and cleanup.

Private Kid’s Birthday Party Package

The whole facility is yours! The most popular package!

15 kids $275

25 kids $350

Semi-Private Kid’s Birthday Party Package

You will have a private party room and share play area with other party or public customers. This is the best for small party!

up to 8 kids

Weekdays $185

Weekend $215

Themed Kid’s Birthday Party Package

2 hours of private use of our facility, your choice of entertainer (30 min character or mascot visit or 1 hr face painter or balloon artist)

15 kids $395

All-In-One Kid’s Birthday Party Package

2 hours of private use of our facility, your choice of entertainer (30 min character or mascot visit, or 1 hour face painter or balloon artist) and food package ( 6 pizzas, kids drinks, and half sheet cake).

15 kids $535


$10 each additional child

$50 for each extra 30 min

$50 for adding another party room or princess room

$30 for 30 min salon session (up to 10 kids)

$100 for 1 hour face paint or balloon art

$125 for 1 hour face paint and balloon art (up to 15 kids)

$100 for 30 min character visit

$115 for 30 min mascot character visit

$48 for 4 one topping pizzas ($12 each additional)

$3 for each goodie bag

$85 and up for a specialty cake & delivery (Suzuya and Peridot Sweets)

$140 for food package (6 pizzas, kids drink, & cake)

$195 for 2 hour Photographer

*$100 deposit (non-refundable) is required at the time of booking. If you book entertainer or food package, there will be extra $50 deposit for each.


Q. Can I extend my party?

A. Our party package allows for a 2 hour event. If you would like to extend your party, you can do so as long as we do not have another party booked before or after your party. The rate is $50 for every 30 min. If you would like to extend your party over 2 hours (to a total of 4 hours or more), we require an additional $100 to reserve your party time.

Q. What are your party time slots on weekends and holidays?

A. On weekends, our time slots are 10:30-12:30, 1-3, 3:30-5:30, and 6-8. However, due to extensions of other parties or events that may be scheduled that day, time slots and availability may change without notice. Please confirm with us if you know the date you would like to hold a party.

Q.What are your party time slots on weekdays?

A. We can do private parties from 5-7pm or 6-8pm. Semi-private parties can be arranged between 1 and 6 pm.

Q. Can I extend my party on the day of the event?

A. You may extend, but there is no guarantee. As long as we do not have another party booked after you and our staff can stay longer, we will make every effort to accommodate your last minute extension request.

*We cannot extend semi-private parties after business hours.

Q. Can I book a party on holidays?

A. Yes. We may close our facility for open play on certain holidays, but we will open for your private party on any holidays.

Q. Can I bring my own food and cake?

A. Yes. You are welcome to bring your own food and cake. We offer pizza and food packages if you would like to use our services, but these are not required.

Q. Do you have freezer, fridge, and microwave?

A. We only have a small fridge. We can store a half sheet cake or a two layered cake, but we do not have enough space for anything larger. We do not have a freezer for ice cream cake or a microwave. We do not allow any heating devices in our facility.

Q. Can I bring a pinata?

A. We only allow a pull-string pinatas.

Q. How early can I come in to set up?

A. You may come in 15 minutes prior to your party to set up. One of our friendly staff will be happy to help! You can drop off your stuff a day before, too.

Q. Can I choose my party room?

A.We alternate party rooms. We can put in a request for a preferred room but cannot guarantee which room you will be getting. Our party room sizes are identical.

Q. I do not know how many kids are coming.

A. We will take the kids’ head count on the day of the event. It is $10 per kid beyond the included number of kids in your party package. You cannot downgrade your party package once you have booked, but you can upgrade your package as late as 48 hours prior to the party. There will be no discount or refund if your party group is smaller than the package included number.

Q. Do I pay for adults? Any limit of adults?

A. You are not paying for the adults, only children. However, we have a limit of 20 adults for a sami-private party. For a private party, there is no limit for adults.

Q. Can I bring my own decorations?

A. You are more than welcome to bring your own decorations! We suggest dropping them off the night before your party so we can have the room set up upon your arrival on the day of the event.

Q. Can I have multiple decorations?

A. Yes, sets are $15 for each additional choice. However, it may look too crowded to have two decorations in one room. We recommend to add a second room for $50.

Q. Do the parents have to wear socks even if they will not play?

A. Yes, we require all people in the facility to wear socks for health and sanitary reasons. For the same reason we do not allow shoes inside our facility. We have crawling babies, the elderly, and everyone in between visit. We wouldn’t want anyone to get sick! We have shoe covers for those who cannot take off their shoes for legitimate medical reasons.

Q. Do you have a cooler we can use?

A. Yes we do, but we do not provide ice.

Q. Can we bring our own entertainment ?

A. Yes you may. However, you need to let us know what type of entertainment you will be bringing before booking. We work with Las Vegas Character Visits, Amazing Facepainting, and Celebrate Kids. If you book these companies, please book them through us.

Q. Can I bring my own music?

A.Yes, If you have your own connection then you can connect to our speaker system.